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The Roman emperor was raised in a humble family originally named Diocles, He decided to spend his last yearson the very spot where Split lies today. In the 4th century he built a palace which carries his name – Diocletian’sPalace. Diocletian, known as a great reformer of the Roman Empire, introduced the government with foursovereigns. Diocletian is known as the only one among the Roman emperors who abdicated (was not forced toleave the throne). Diocletian was even known because he considered himself God and because of that heprosecuted Christians. The northern part of the big palace was for soldiery and servants, and southern part wasthe emperor’s private residence. He built the aqueduct, which brought water straight from the source, the riverJadro, into the palace. The aqueduct is well preserved to this day and Split partly still uses it. The palace foremperor’s rest had also a small wool recasting manufactory. During the sightseeing tour you will see four gates(Golden, Silver, Iron and Bronze gate), the Emperors mausoleum (today it is St Domnius’s cathedral with itshigh church-tower which offers a breathtaking view), the Jupiter’s temple or the Temple of all Gods, Peristylewith beautiful columns and arches, Vestibul.... Take a walk with us through the old Romans narrow streets andsquares of stone.

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